Integrative Psychiatry is the search for the etiology of the symptoms you are having, and then utilizing all means available to treat the root cause.  This can take the form of combining more traditional Western Medicine (allopathic) approach with other evidenced-based  therapies such as herbal, and natural medicine. Dr. Williams is a firm believer of science based medicine and will explore every avenue available to help restore her patients to health.


Integrative medicine also utilizes dietary approaches and environmental factors to achieve the best outcome.

Dr. Williams is a member of the American Psychiatric Association Caucus on Integrative
approaches to medicine.

Having taught meditation techniques since the 1980’s, Dr. Williams is a firm believer
in the value of mindfulness for healing the brain.

Psychiatric illness most often does not exist in isolation but is a neuropsychiatric brain-based feature of a systemic disorder. Getting at the root cause of your distress will be the goal of
your comprehensive work up